Future Strategy:

Looking back for the past 7 years we have completed various goals and ventured in to industries and we are determined to keep in that way. SVL will consistently look into new opportunities to expand our business where it can benefit the company, the employees and the society.

With our current products and services which most of it provide a total solution for our customers we will strive to maintain and continue improving our good quality products and services and is aware of the needs of our customers.

In long term we are prepare to have more reliable business associates who could support us to provide a better products and services to our customs. We have no boundaries of places to resource a wider and more verity of products. Never the less, we will keep our quality as number one aspect we will be very selective in choosing the best quality while try to keep the cost competitive enough.

After Sales Service:

SPARK VISION LIMITEDbeliefs in long term commitment while implementing any project. Selling and Analyzing is the first critical phase of any project. As the time goes by and business gets expended, organization needs further customization and support from firm. 


We follow these strategies and tactics to serve our clients

Strategies & Tactics:


>> Work should be delivery within the proposed time.

>> Marinating a long file to give our available service to each and every clients.

>> Ensuring supportwithin short time after receiving the information.

>> Giving support mail and over phone.

>> Physical visits to the clients premises periodically.

>> Getting feedback instantly about our service.


Head office: 69, Gulfeshan Plaza (7th Fl), Outer Circular Road Mogbazar, Dhaka – 1217. Bangladesh.
Tele/Fax : 00 88 02 833 1959, 933 4022, 934 5904 (Shantinagar), 951 5505 (Palton).