Message from Managing Director:

Our founder vision of successful business powered by its people and its principles define our unique company today. The profits and benefits created by our success shared by all our employees. We believe that by giving love, trust and confidence one can get an extra ordinary result from an ordinary person. We have true to ourselves and other as well. We should like to grow as much as possible without comprise value of our company. Our main motto is to bring the most advanced and latest technologies from the different parts of the world and creating awareness among sign business people and make it available to them. We want to provide a complete solution like sign related technologies as well as consumables parts of different kinds from the best in the world.

We understand our machines their stability, capability and performance, so do we understand our customers and that is now to render better service support to them, maximizing the product usage. We have excellent strength of engineers as well as inventory of most required spare parts and consumables so that we can provide quick and better service support.



Head office: 69, Gulfeshan Plaza (7th Fl), Outer Circular Road Mogbazar, Dhaka – 1217. Bangladesh.
Tele/Fax : 00 88 02 833 1959, 933 4022, 934 5904 (Shantinagar), 951 5505 (Palton).